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I’m not going to go into great detail about my whole life conversion of how I found my Lord Jesus Christ and renewed my Catholic vows. I will share some very interesting stories that are true and help my belief in my Lord and the Roman Catholic Church. I will try to keep the years in order as best as possible. The whole purpose of this website, story, documents and belief is  to help some of us have a better understanding of Jesus Christ, His Kingdom, Fundamentalism, Ex-Catholic’s, Teenagers, and Young Adults.
The Power “God Our Lord,” Jesus Christ His Son, And Mary Our Mother: His Revelation For Us......

Pope John Paul II:

In late 1979, I was being preached to by some Roman Catholic charismatic people. At that time I was associated with members of the organized crime families from New York, not to mention other things I was involved in. My Father owned a Mexican Night Club, 2000 acres of land in Mexico, etc. and I came from a fairly well to do family. My belief was if you had money that was your heaven, if you were poor that was your hell.

In 1980, My Uncle asked my wife and I if we wanted to go to Rome, Italy with the company I work for. Rome, Giget when to Rome. I never left the Vatican.  Eighteen rolls of film later, and after a small group visitation with the Pope, my life started to change completely.


If there was a commandment in the scriptures not to break, I broke it. My beloved wife prayed for me 2,555 days for my soul and conversion. In Sept. of 1982 I fully accepted Jesus as My Lord. The drinking, money, Lincoln continentals, and old Remi Gonzalez started to slowly die

I remember sitting at the office and asking the Lord in prayer for a bible of my own. About 15-20 minutes later a man came walking in the office and said, I don’t know why I stopped here but this is for you. He then handed me a 1500 page New American Bible about 8x 11 with Pope John Paul II on the front cover and left. To this day, I’m in awe of this experience.


It was the beginning of many signs to me from my Lord. One of my Formans who worked for me, was from this new charismatic renewal and we were arguing about a passage in the scriptures. I told him that I must see it and read it for myself. He tried for hours to find the passage that would confirm he was right. Suddenly two Roman Catholic nuns from the Lady of St. Paul’s bookstore from Buffalo, New York came walking in with a new red easy to read bible. We of course stopped arguing out of respect.

They came in to tell us about the items they had for sale. My worker took the bible just to look at and opened it up. His thumb was on the page and scripture verse, that he was looking for. Praise Be To God.


Birth Of Gabriel Gonzalez My Son:

The community, my family, and friends were all wondering what happened to Remi Gonzalez... he is going to church, he is now a Youth Director of Sacred Heart R.C. Church and gave up his whole life to be a family man.

So, I now know Jesus Christ, who he is, where he is and that he will listen to me. In 1980 I started reading the bible approx. 8 hours a day for 3 years, looking up just about every word in the scriptures including words like “the” “them, “if” etc. I also arranged meetings with all kinds of people from different faiths, to see if the Roman Catholic Church was where I should belong to. It eventually was.


I decided that I was going to pray more, play my guitar and sing to my Lord. I also decided to dedicate my life to helping teenagers from the problems they face in their life.


Then on Dec. 24 1981 in the evening I started to pray to the Lord, thanking him for the birth of his son Jesus and how tomorrow (Dec. 25) he will be born for our sake. The shock of my life happened. The Lord told me that my wife will conceive tomorrow. On Dec 25 1981 at approx. 11:45-11:58 am, we bonded into our marriage and made love. At about 12:00 we were in the kitchen checking the ham in the oven that we prepared for dinner at my mother-in-laws when my wife felt a very severe pain in the stomach.


I was prepared to take her to the hospital but she insisted on going to her mother’s. When we arrived the pain had gotten worse, with 10 brothers and sisters all giving their opinions on what the problem was.  When the third oldest arrived and stating asking questions, she stated "you're probably pregnant" and laughed. I then jumped up and said, O my God, you conceived this morning and the Lord told me last night that you would. The whole room fell into silence, and I knew that they taught I was crazy. The Lord spoke to you??


It was the quietest dinner I ever had. Here is a family that hated me (before I change my life to Christ)  because at 19 I got their 17 year old daughter pregnant, and now they think I’m crazy. We went home and I asked my wife if she believed in what the Lord told me. She said yes, and she believed that she was with child. At the time I was an Youth Director for Sacred Heart R.C. Church.


My father-in-law called and said that before he got married he was going to become a priest. He found it very difficult to believe that the Lord had spoken to me and revealed this revelation. I asked him if he prays to Jesus, (He was a very devoted Catholic) his response was yes. I asked him if his prayers were ever answer, he stated they were.


Note: Before we changed our lives to the Lord my wife was on birth control since she was 19-20 years old. We believe in the church's teaching and she quit taking the pill. We were ready for our second child.  Michael was 7 years old at the time.


I said "do we as Catholics pray to a God who will listen to us but not speak to us?" He told me it doesn’t happen that way. I said my wife is pregnant, and in nine months everyone will believe that the Lord does not have laryngitis.


We then asked some of our friends how long do you have to be pregnant before you can really know. They told me after nine days a blood test will reveal the results. About January 3 1982 my wife went for a blood test.  Two of the teens from youth group were at our house and knew the whole story, Chris McGovern and Donna Masceil who are now married for almost 15 years.


The result: she had conceived.  My father-in-law was shocked. Three or four days later with my guitar, I was praising, singing and thanking my Lord. He then spoke to me and told me that I would have a son. I did not want to upset Joe Maroon (Father-in-law) so I did not tell him. I told the Lord and everyone else that if it was a boy I would name him Matthew in honor of the first writer in the new testament.


I told my wife since pregnancy is nine months or 270 days, my son will be born 270 days from Christmas, which was the date of September 21, 1982. Since the lord is perfect he will be born approx. 11:58 A.M. Joe Maroon and others did not like the name Matthew, so we decide to name him after the angel Gabriel.


On September 21 1982 at approx. 11:58, our son Gabriel was born. Praise be to The Lord. I felt a little guilty not naming him Matthew, but not as guilty when I found out that September 21 was the Feast Day of St. Matthew. Men sometimes let their good intentions interfere into our lives, but we must obey the Lord over men.


The Image On The Cornerstone Of My House Image


Many things started to happen in my life. One was my obsession of the book of Revelation and the second return of our Lord. Later I realized that the end of the world is my death and I burned my entire body of research and was told by a very good friend, submit to the Roman Catholic Church, and in time the Lord will show me many things.


We were all gathered at my house.  I love watering down my concrete driveway and porch. Suddenly at the corner of my house appeared an image of Jesus and in the top part the face of Mary. People came to see this image and some didn’t even care. (Later in this website I will share with you more images then you can believe). I became very upset by this and the lord shared with me that his people were blind and they claim to see (John 9:39-41) .


The following week a young man (who is now a deacon) brought over an older friend, who heard about the image and wanted to see it. After viewing the image I invited him into my house, he was so overwhelmed that he couldn’t stop thanking me. It was at the point I realized something was different. He then said to me thank-you for letting him see the image and inviting him into my house. He told me that he was blind. I was very surprised and ask him how could he have seen the image? He said that he felt it. Praise Be To The Lord.


Mother Teresa Image


It was 1986 I heard that Mother Teresa, Cardinal John O’Conner, and Dr. Nadine the maker of The Silent Scream, who performed over 40,000-60,000 abortions before turning Pro-Life were traveling together. We decided to take some youth group kids and go to Washington, D.C. to hear the above speakers talk.  When we arrived I did not know we needed a ticket to see her. I thought our hotel reservation was also confirming our visitation with Mother Teresa. Well I was wrong and was left wondering how to get into a small special reservation with our youth group.


Smile, Pray, Smile, and Pray. We got in and it was one of the most powerful days in all of our lives. Her inspiration led us to open the Teen Shelter home, continuing my abortion presentation in WNY since 1983, still going on to this very day (Now Jan. 2002) Mother Teresa said: “What We Do To The Unborn We Do Unto Jesus. The Fruit Of Abortion Is Nuclear War.”


Dr Fermina Gonzalez


My sister went blind in one eye. She has taught for almost 28 years and has to face this problem at 51 years of age. My parents retired and move back to their homeland in Mexico. I told my sister to go and spend 3-4 months with ma and try to relax. The doctors have no idea what happened to her. While in Mexico my cousin was there and when to Mexico City and returned with Holy Water from the church where the Virgin De Guadeloupe Appear. They put the water on her eye and the next day she was cured. The doctors here had no answer when she came back. 


Maria Gonzalez


My mother was 67 years old living in Mexico with great pain in her leg. She asked the Virgin Mary if she would intercede for a healing of her leg, and  while in pain she would walk from her house in Mexico to the top of the mountains. One day she started to walk, and my family followed her. Suddenly the rain came down swiftly bringing down the mud from the mountains on to my mother. In tears she continued to walk without being able to see clearly.

Finally she was within distance of her goal and in great pain, tears running down her eyes because she told the beloved Mother Mary she could no longer continue and wept on her knees. Then she felt from her head through her toes the power of the Holy Spirit curing her leg.    


Noelle Gonzalez:


My dear little baby girl, our fourth child... on the day of her birth the doctors informed us right before we took her home that they had discovered her arteries to her heart  were plugged, and black and blue marks in the shoulder area.  We had to rush her to Children's Hospital in Buffalo, New York. I asked the Doctor, "are you saying she could have a heart attack?"  He said we must get her to Children's Hospital. I was so upset that I took my wife home so she could get changed and clothes to stay overnight. I went to my office and started to pray and I wept in great pain. At that time I was having family in-law problems.

I told the lord that I would try to be more loving, forgiving and would invite everyone to Noelle’s baptism.  The Lord then consoled me and I felt His peace. I asked the Lord that when I arrive at home and enter into my house to please have my wife tell me  we can go pickup my Noelle and bring her home.  I pulled up my driveway and opened the door to my house.  I heard screaming and crying and I said, no Lord,  you took my daughter. My wife came running up to the door and said the hospital called and we can go  pickup Noelle and bring her home now... everything had vanished.          Praise Be To The Lord    


Ingacio Quitiano Pancho Gonzalez:


 As I stated earlier, as I write this website I will be adding all the time. Today's date is July 7 2002. we just buried my Father in Mexico on Nov. 6 2001. This was the saddest day of my entire Life. I have to give thanks to my Lord, every year I ask Jesus to keep him alive just a little longer so the kids and all of us could  be together. My father retired at 55 moved back to Mexico in 1988. When he arrived the first thing he did was build seven water reservoirs in his land where he grew corn and raised cattle.

All his friends were wondering why he was making so many water reservoirs. As time when on a drought hit Mexico for three years and the people had no water. My mother told me that the lines every morning were blocks long at her front door. The poor people were begging my father for water and he told them to go a get all they need and did not charge them.