Always Catholic

Once Catholic Always Catholic:


July 7 2002


You"re probably reading this and saying with all the sex scandal going on in the Roman Catholic Church how can you say once Catholic always Catholic? You might have left the church and now you're having second thoughts about returning. The facts remain the same, if you were baptized Catholic your family is part of the Catholic Church and you are Catholic. I was born in the Gonzalez family. That makes me a Gonzalez, weather I like it or not. That is my family name, and my family forever.


My sister’s accountant called me to help her 35 year old son who was on cocaine. She said she was going to give up on her son. He has now been drug free for 10 years. Just about three hours (7-7-02) ago a young man came up to me at the gas station and said you don’t remember me but you saved our now 9 year old daughter from a abortion and the family that hated me now loves me very much, and he thanked me again. A teenage boy was shaming his family and their name.


He was in a street gang and a cocaine dealer. My wife and I took him in my house.  Today he is married, with a baby boy and works on the computers for a multi-million dollar company. His father and mother cannot thank us enough. There are hundreds of other stories like this..........


What's my point?


  The bad behavior of a family member does not represent you or your entire family. In the same way, the bad behavior of a Catholic member, priest, deacon, or lay person does not represent us. We set the rules and they

must follow them  If they break them they must change their life repent, and we must forgive. Click Here for the Prodigal Son Story Luke 15: 11-32......... the father forgave the son after all the evil he had done and breaking the commandments of God.


Luke 17:1-2 Jesus said, “Scandals will inevitably arise, but woe to him through whom they come.....


Just as we forewarn our children of the consequences of their failure when breaking the rules, we must not be ashamed of a family member who went astray. The Lord watches over all and can help, cure and heal all who call on his name. Your children are yours forever and if you were baptized Catholic you are Catholic forever. Lets all work together to become one family.